Saturday, April 13, 2013


I’ m seeking people to interview for my next book which has a working title of “Slices of Americana”. My goal is to interview people from all segments of life here in America to discover their personal stories, life, success, ambitions … I also would like to know what makes them happy, sad etc. Financial success stories are welcome though not necessary. My primary interest is talking to people who measure their success in happiness and spirituality.

If you know of anyone who you believe has an interesting, unique and compelling story to tell and who would be willing to share it, please ask them to contact me. If you would like me to initiate the contact please send me an email to that effect or give me a call. Not everyone will fit the storyline but I would really like the opportunity to talk to them. If you would be good enough to share this on your timeline, I would appreciate it very much.


Richard Charron Author